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this song, "build my life" has been my heart for a few weeks now. i wondered why it was stuck in my head day after day - then i went to haiti this last trip & i knew why. God has a sweet way of reminding us of TRUTH when times are really tough.

this is our first post as RI on a blog & def. will not be our last. usually we would probably write about who we are, who is on our board, why we do what we do but instead i want to just share about what is going on.

this last trip to haiti was rough for my spirit. rough for my heart.
new kids. sad stories. kids who have been there. things being taken from them. lies. deception. tears. a longing to be loved. need. urgency.

so many emotions. my brain is filled with a jumbled mess of figuring out ways to get money FAST.

there are so many children in need. so many children longing to be cared for. to be loved. to belong.

sometimes i want to yell at God & say WHY? God, HOW did this happen. i look into so many kids eyes with th…