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haiti june 2019.


i spent a long weekend with the boys & it was SO NEEDED. they have grown so much & i was so insanely happy to see them. not in a photo or video but with my own eyes.

let me just tell you getting there was something else. 8 months since my feet were on haitian soil & if you know me you know that is a LONG TIME. the day cory took me to the airport i accidentally left my phone in the car, the incredible ticket agent allowed me to use her phone to call him (insert praise hands) on his way home our car went crazy & stopped right in front of a library so he just coasted in (insert praise hands again). he is literally on the phone with me telling me everything as I am about to board the plane, i was like get behind me devil. an uber driver, a good friend, a tow truck, cory's step dad & an alternator later the car was good to go.

when i walked into the house my heart was just overcome with thankfulness. yes we still need to raise $4000 before august for our re…