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dreaming for the future.

can i just start this blog by saying we serve a BIG GOD. sometimes i cannot wrap my mind around his goodness, & how he orchestrates things. PRAISE YOU LORD.

we had so many incredible things that happened on this trip. GOD things & i want to tell you about all of them.

 we were able to celebrate 3 birthday with our boys.

robenson who turned 15, ronaldo who turned 17 & sonson who turned 18! it has been such a joy for us to watch these boys grow & blossom over the last 6 years. for each boys birthday we let them cut their own slice of cake (not sure if thats a good things but its SO FUN) since we had 3 birthdays we had 3 birthday cakes , 2 small ones & 1 big one. i have to have their names on their cakes hahaha its like a MUST ( & all the cakes were only $30) after we sing the birthday boys line up & start giggling because they know how much cake they are about to get. they cut their insanely large slices & all the non birthday boys just look with astonish…