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a HOME for our boys.


i am so excited to give you some details on our boys home.

we have started an "adopt a box" & made a beautifully awkward video about it HERE

i wanted to write a post to give you some details!

SO. we need to have this box filled by 3 weeks! why 3 weeks? so we have enough time to get the house prepared, get beds, a stove, sheets, towels, all of the things a little house will need. the boys need to have the house ready by june. so we are in a time CRUNCH!

we will have a house mom that will live there & take care of them everyday. they will get all the meals they need, they will have someone to make sure they brush their teeth, do their homework, study for their test, read their bible, say their prayers ALL the things kids are so deserving of & most do not get. all of these boys do not have family that can take them in or we would work towards that. we don't want them to get lost in the system or live in the streets. HELP us HELP them. can you imagine r…


one cool thing that RI does is a "godparent" program with the kids at CAD.

it is the coolest thing because so many of our kids have amazing relationships with their godparents.

they make journals & write back & forth & the kids LOVE it. most of the time i never have to tell them to write something back. they know i am coming & they have it ready for me.

so sweet.

our godparents are the BEST. their monthly donation goes towards providing water, food, & propane every month.

sometimes the godparents will send us things to take to the kids & we get so excited to give it to them. we make it such a special  moment for the kids to feel cared for & they know someone is praying for them & cares for them. we bring them into a room all by themselves & we sit them in a chair, we have a little talk with them about how they are doing in school, how they are eating, how they are doing in general & then we present them with their gifts. we are all &qu…

come with us.

have you felt a longing to go somewhere & make a difference?

have you felt a calling for missions?


we are headed to haiti july 17-23 & we would love for YOU to come with us.

what can you expect from a  trip with RI

*you can expect to build relationships that last a lifetime
*you can expect YOUR life to be completely changed
*you can expect to see Haiti in a new way- it is NOT just devastation, Haiti is BEAUTIFUL!
*you can expect to spend your day loving on kids that so desperately want & need it
*you can expect to see God show up in ways you never thought possible
*you can expect to see a country with people that are resilient, that overcome whatever is thrown their way
*you can expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone
*you can expect to use the gifts God has given you, RI loves to find out your skills, what you feel led to do with your life & use it to help others

RI has a passion for coming alongside the people & children of Haiti & showing them thei…