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Something good for your soul and belly...Haitian Pâté

Let me just start by saying I hate we didn't video the cooking lesson, our chef was a natural! He was so energetic and made each step look easy as pie.  Also please know I'm not a big gadgets girl when it comes to the kitchen but even a cutting board can be taken for granted.

 Okay so we started a large pot with water to hard boil several eggs. You want one egg per person. We were making enough for 18 people so I won't post measurements in here I'll leave a smaller recipe at the very bottom.  I really encourage you to try it.

 Then in a large mixing bowl we added flour setting some flour aside to work in later. In a second bowl you want to dissolve some salt into water.  This water will be mixed in the flour to make the dough.  Not all the water needs to be poured in at once but instead slowly add as needed.

If you have multiple hands helping in the kitchen you can have them chopping up onions, bell peppers and cabbage. They need to be thinly sliced for easier layerin…

let me tell you about canaan.

canaan is one of our partner communities & we LOVE visiting there. the people are thriving, loving & FULL of joy.

after the earthquake a lot of people came to this mountain to start a new beginning. the coolest part of the story is that way before the earthquake a sweet woman answered the lords voice to go to the top of this mountain everyday & pray. she prayed & prayed for what God had in store for this mountain. flash forward to today & there is a church right where she prayed. there is a school that they started in faith that is growing & thriving & so full of LIFE!

this past trip we were able to do VBS with these school children & share the love of jesus with them. they are such bright kids with incredible futures!

we were so blessed to have tracey on this trip with us who organized our VBS! she had stories, games & amazing crafts. we had some people that donated funds for us to buy a parachute to play SO MAY GAMES with. the kids LOVED it so muc…