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august happenings.

you guys I have 3 words for you, GOD IS GOOD.

thanks to so many amazing supporters our rent is paid in full for the year for the #riboyshome

we could not do what we do without your prayers & donations. you are all apart of our #rifamily & we are so blessed to have you. 
SO MANY THINGS to tell all of you. we were in haiti 3 weeks ago & went with expectant hearts ready to get to work. we were so blessed to have ali come again (this was her 2nd trip) & I know the boys were so excited to see her. she prepared lessons for the kiddos at CAD & our #riboyshome boys. she spoke about Gods plan & purpose for our lives. she spoke about a time line of our day & how we can incorporate God in that time line & how we can show God to others. such a good reminder for us all!

we were able to spend 2 days at CAD & were so happy. we were able to teach them how to play volleyball. 

we were also able to bring mangoes from our property in mirebalais so the kids could enjoy…