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team member #kesley

one thing we love at RI is hearing about the trips through our team members. we love to see what God showed them & continues to show them through their walk with God & through their trips to haiti. today we have kelsey on the blog sharing a little bit about her first trip to haiti with us. kelsey, you were such a joy to have. you have such a contagious laugh & a beautiful spirit. God is doing a work in your life & we are so excited to be apart of your journey. we are so thankful for all you do for RI, how much you love these kiddos & your willing heart to go above & beyond. 

for kelsey:

for months leading up to our trip, evanda kept telling me how excited she was to see all the kids there, and i couldn’t wait. the second we pulled into CAD, our car was completely surrounded by little faces with beaming smiles. i wanted to greet each and every face, but the only feeling i initially had in those first moments was loneliness. everyone on my team had their “person” t…


the title says it all.


we want to take a minute & say THANK YOU to every single person that gave your hard earned money to RI to make this boys home possible. we have all cried many tears of just being blown away & thankfulness.

the fact that we just started this thing wanting to do honest work in haiti & that we have so many amazing supporters is incredible. our dream of our school & our home for children has started a little early. boys that we have known for years needed our help & we took a step of faith & you guys came in & blew us away. NOW we have a house for them. a house mom that will take care of them. they will get good meals including the fruit from our land in mirebalais where our school will be one day. they will have a shower which they have never had. they will have a working toilet which they have never had. they will have a comfortable bed with a pillow. they will have a closet to put their things. things that no one can ta…



we have found a house. not just any house but the PERFECT house.

rooms for all the kids. the staff. gated. in a perfect community. close to great schools. has water & electricity. IT IS PERFECT.

what is even better, is that our groups can stay at this house with the kiddos! so when we are there we all get to build a relationship with these boys. HOW INCREDIBLE. when we do community outreach these boys get to take part. when we pray at night they will be apart. when we cook in the kitchen they will be apart. being apart of all these things also means they are learning. they are listening & learning & watching what RI is all about. everything they learn is an opportunity for them. an opportunity to grow & to teach others.

we need $2000 to get this house right now.

we will need to get beds & all of that too but the most important thing is getting this house so someone else does not because it is that good. GOD IS GOOD!

some of our projects are makin…