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dreaming for the future.

can i just start this blog by saying we serve a BIG GOD. sometimes i cannot wrap my mind around his goodness, & how he orchestrates things. PRAISE YOU LORD.

we had so many incredible things that happened on this trip. GOD things & i want to tell you about all of them.

 we were able to celebrate 3 birthday with our boys.

robenson who turned 15, ronaldo who turned 17 & sonson who turned 18! it has been such a joy for us to watch these boys grow & blossom over the last 6 years. for each boys birthday we let them cut their own slice of cake (not sure if thats a good things but its SO FUN) since we had 3 birthdays we had 3 birthday cakes , 2 small ones & 1 big one. i have to have their names on their cakes hahaha its like a MUST ( & all the cakes were only $30) after we sing the birthday boys line up & start giggling because they know how much cake they are about to get. they cut their insanely large slices & all the non birthday boys just look with astonishment but i always tell them your birthday is coming. the boys are good sports & always leave enough cake for everyone to have a slice & then they run & hide so they can eat their cake faster than someone in a competition.

I took robenson with me up to the observatory which is a really beautiful place to eat & see the country. he has been having flash backs of things he remembers from his childhood & from what he describes we thought he might recognize something on the drive. you see he came into an institution when he was 4 years old, he has no idea who his family is or where he is from. the information that the government took has nothing on it. so i take any hint of information he has & i run with it. he has such a longing to find his mother & know where he came from. my heart hurts for him because he tells me in tears his feelings about it. i wrote him a letter a long time ago & told him i would stand in that place for him as long as i needed to & as long as he wanted me too. while we were up there we made it a little celebration for him. 

we had a little rain & then saw these rainbows. what an incredible promise of Gods faithfulness!

we also picked these two up from the airport on the way! its always a joy to have friends with you right?

we are so thankful to the hampton's that we were able to purchase a freezer for the house! WHAT A BLESSING!

we took 3 of our boys to church with us in mirebalais & then to see the land. church was incredible as always & it always feels like our family there. let me tell you if you haven't been to church in haiti you NEED to. you need the reminder that God shouldn't be given a timeframe to move, a reminder that even though you think you don't have anything you really do have more than you can imagine. i see these people worship god with their entire being & it humbles me. it moves me in such a way. when church was finished alix & laura walked herlin, ronaldo & wilderson down to the property & stayed at the top. i stood up there looking at everything, day dreaming & crying. i am just in awe of what God is doing. there is no way to explain anything that we are doing other than God. when people ask me on the plane, "how do you do it" i say GOD. i am not kidding. PRAISE YOU LORD for your goodness. you see their needs before we even have to ask. you always send someone on our way to make things happen for them. we are just willing vessels, help us to always HEAR YOUR VOICE. 

when they came back up to the top our 3 boys stood up there looking out. side by side making their own plans. having their own dreams. talking amongst themselves & i was swelling up with pride. i remember all to well years ago  asking them about their dreams & future & it was almost like they had no clue what it was to dream. what it was to think of their future. NOW, whew lord you have done such a work. you have taken down walls in their lives, removed blinders, healed & mended. restored & helped them overcome. what a beautiful thing. these are children. YOUR children. GOD give us all strength & open eyes to see the bigger picture. 

I think a lot of times we make ourselves our biggest obstacle. we think of the fear, the difficulty & all the what if's. God is saying i birthed this plan inside of you, in your mothers womb i was creating a beautiful story. it might not be an easy road & on the way their will be trials & hard times BUT i will sustain you. I WILL HELP YOU. I WILL LEAD YOU. if we are just willing to let go & truly take his hand & step on the path he has for us. WOW.  sometimes i want to yell at people LOOK just look at what he is doing. because he is doing. he is moving.  when i go to haiti & i spend time with my boys it is a constant reminder. 

we had an amazing donation of soccer jerseys from carrollton high school & BRAND NEW CLEATS from THE PASS TEAM, andre & dreck. words cannot describe the joy they had in seeing their cleats! their uniform. they literally found their size match & we walked 3 miles to go play a game!

here are our brothers, sonson & dadou waiting on their turn. 

we also gave out hygiene items because well, we have a house full of boys hahaha. 

we taught an english class. alix is in the process of starting an english school called "speak loud" we cannot wait for him to get it going.  we talked about conversation & how to have a conversation. different topics & how to find something in common to talk about. we split them into groups & let them practice & then they came in front of the class to do it with everyone. we even picked a winner & it was HERLIN & WILDERSON. these two literally just started english school! we are blown away by how much they have grown. 

we visited yvrose which is always such a joy. we bought a bunch of eggs & talked for a few hours. she has always been a hero of mine. her willingness to do what God wants fills my spirit. it is like a vacation when you are in her presence because Gods love flows through her in a mighty way. 

we made a list of businesses to visit. connect with & just see how they are doing things. we are always thinking of ways to be self sustaining & future jobs for our boys. we visited fleri resto, which means flourish in kreyol. they have pizza & a really yummy creme brûlée. he is working towards having internships at his pizza place so we wanted to see what that was all about. really cool place & next time we will go hungry so we can eat. 

we visited rosie's boutique which was incredible. we did a little shopping too. i highly recommend checking them out. kayla has this little shop & buys from haitian artists & sells. she has a little bit of everything & she supports orphan prevention through job creation. 

this next little story can only be explained by God. one morning we were supposed to leave the house at 9:00 (hahahah) & we left like 9:45 alix takes a long time to fix his hair you guys! so we leave with plans to go to REBO, have a coffee & talk about all the things we need to do before visiting CAD. we are on our way & as we are turning onto the road i see pipito. i immediately yelled for him to come to the car & he came running. pipito was one of the boys who was originally going to be kicked out of CAD over a year ago. well one day he asked to leave & they took him somewhere. they took him to delmas 3 which is a joke. it is not an orphanage its not anything but a shell where children come & go & alix won't even take me there because it is dangerous. this was a year ago. we haven seen him or anything! we took him into REBO & bought him some food & water. we were all looking at each other & trying to figure out how we could help. you can't buy them things because they will get stolen. they go to a little school close to them but its not a good school. he spent the day with us & it was so good to see him. he will eventually be at the #riboyshome after he gets all his school transcripts & everything figured out. he is almost 18 you guys. there is a such a HUGE NEED for these boys that age out & haven't been taught anything. they don't know how to shop at the grocery store. life lessons parents should be able to teach them. my heart is so big for this group of boys. the ones that are sometimes forgotten about or people say "thats a lost cause" no one is lost with God. when i saw him the FIRST thing i thought of is Jesus leaving the 99 to get the 1. what a beautiful lesson to us all.  pipito got lost from his family when was almost 5 at a carnival. there is no way to figure out where he is from after this long (there is a way with God but just really hard). when he went to CAD he was supposed to stay there for 2 years as they work out a plan to reunite him with family, but no one ever tried. i am so thankful we left late. if we had left early we would not have seen him. GOD works in the strangest ways sometimes but he does have a plan. 

it was a full trip. our hearts are in awe of God. sometimes it is overwhelming the need. i mean it can overtake my mind of all the things we do NEED not want but need. this journey has been one of putting my full trust in HIM & also trusting my partners on this journey. God has sent the RI team to me. we are incredible together. TOGETHER. tracey brings such a calming, organized, creative, go getter attitude, reminder to put my eyes on jesus & i dont have words for that. laura who i babysat as a baby who is now this incredible mother & friend, a listening hear, one who prays on the phone right then & there & doesnt wait. she is good at everything she does, i am not kidding. she brings pure emotion, she feels things deeply & it strengthens her empathy but steers her on the road to bring solution. alix, whew there isnt enouigh we can say about him. he works long hours, he makes everything happen, he is trustworthy & loves the lord with his whole heart. he makes a way when we think there isnt one. GUYS! i am so thankful for yall. 




we have a lot of financial needs right now & would love if you guys would partner with us & invest in our boys future. we bought a tap-tap but we need $900 to fix everything, we owe $4000 for the year tuition & we are raising $10,000 to get started on our house on our property. when we move to our house we wont have our yearly rent! when we get the tap tap fixed we can use it to provide some stability for our #riboyshome needs, we can take them to our church in mirebalais, we can drive to do community projects, we can take them to soccer games & we wont have to rent a car when we are there. so we will save money, but in order to get to that point we have to get some money to spend. if you know of someone that is looking to get a tax write off, to invest in some incredible boys futures, here is your chance. all donations are tax deductible. 

you can email us at for more info. 

be on the lookout for some new videos of us sharing out hearts. blogs are GREAT but so are videos. follow us on facebook 

with love, 


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