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gold, silver & bronze.

there are so many exciting things going on at revelator international & YOU have the opportunity to be apart.

before we can start our building fund for "college of dreams" on our property in mirebalais we have a few areas that need your help, support & attention.

we are looking for 20 partners who are interested in 3 areas of ministry.


this area focuses on our #riboyshome tuition fees, skill building, & one on one learning in their future career choices. 


this area focuses on our rev soccer team needs & discipleship with our boys


this area focuses on our boys physical needs, doctor visits, vitamins, medicine when they are sick, nutritious meals & clean drinking water

how can you be apart?

well we have 3 levels of giving.

GOLD- $50 monthly
SILVER- $30 monthly
BRONZE- $20 monthly

now you might say, "i don't have that to give"

do you have a women's bible study, cross fit team, cheerleading team, or maybe your youth ministry? you have the opportunity to give as a group! what an incredible & rewarding giving opportunity!

how can i give?

simply click HERE & put which category you would like to give each month!

when you join our RI family you are helping shape these boys into everything God wants them to.

take a look at our #riboyshome boys & staff











alix co-founder

evenson- security & mentor

manmi- our beautiful mom of the house

now for the question. 

do you have a group that you can ask to be apart of our family? if so, don't wait! do it today. 

PSALM 127: 3

children are a heritage from the lord, offspring a reward from him.

in christ, 

ri staff


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